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SacValley MedShare, a heavy-content-based website, faced a significant challenge with numerous CTAs (Calls to Action) lacking a clear direction for users. The site exuded a corporate gray aesthetic, contradicting the owner’s vision of a more rural and small-town style, reflective of Northern California.


Connecting Healthcare Across Northern California

The Solutions

Embarking on a meticulous journey, we transformed SacValley MedShare’s heavy-content-based website through extensive research into medical terms and careful content orchestration. Ensuring essential PDFs were easily accessible, we aligned the site with the owner’s vision of a rural Northern Californian style, infusing familiarity through curated imagery and graphics on every page.

The result is a revamped website that not only simplifies complex medical information but also radiates a distinct Northern Californian charm. Through strategic content organization and thoughtful visuals, SacValley MedShare now offers a more engaging and accessible experience for its diverse audience.


Connecting Healthcare Across Northern California

Seeing Impactful Solutions Unfold

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